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Wedding Photographer’s Tips for Brides in Houston, TX for their Photo Shoot

How to Look Glamorous on Your Bridal Photos?

Everybody wants to look perfect on their wedding day. It is one of the biggest events of our life and we want to make the most out of it. Every girl has dreams to look best on her wedding day. However, most of the brides don’t prepare for until the wedding day how to feel & look naturally beautiful. With a little forethought you can ensure beautiful wedding portraits of you and your partner for life. If you are a bride-to-be then you must read the following. Here are some tips for brides from wedding photographers in Houston, TX to help their pictures be a little better.

Photographer7Arrange for a pre-wedding photo shoot

If you have enough time, arrange for a pre-wedding photo shoot. A pre-wedding photo shoot help you know your photographer. The more time you spend with your photographer, the more comfortably you’ll be posing on your wedding day,

Have your makeup trial at your engagement

This is the best time try-out hair and make-up. It can save you a lot of time on the D day. Plus you can also see how it looks on the camera. There is always a confusion as to how much makeup should you wear on your wedding day. Well, it depends on bride to bride. A common rule to follow is, always wear a little more makeup than you usually do. That’s why engagement is the best time for your make-up trials. Or plan a separate day to have a hair, makeup and dress rehearsal.

Clean your room

A common advice that all wedding photographers give to the brides to be is keep our room clean. Because they photograph almost everything that the brides is going to wear on her big day. So, there should be enough room and space for them to work. The idea here is to photograph your makeup, hair, flowers dress etc. and capture other natural moments that are happening in your room.

Don’t experiment with a new hair cut

Avoid any kind of last minute hair-cut on your wedding day. Make sure you have tried it out well in advance and have time to recover from the loss. Last minute changes or the changes made a couple of days prior to your wedding might not result in good photographs. It may spoil your look.

Exposure to Sun

As wedding photographers in Houston, TX would advise that, too much exposure in the sun can make you look red in your photos. Surprisingly, no photoshop or makeup technique can rectify it. Many brides wear hat to avoid redness on their face. However, they forget that rest of their body is exposed to Sun that results in white Face and red body.

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