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Tips on How to Carefully Transport Wedding Cakes from Las Vegas, NV

Moving Your Wedding Cakes

Moving a layered cake starting with one area then onto the next does not need to be difficult. In reality, it can be simple! Following some simple rules guarantees that your wedding cakes from Las Vegas, NV will arrive securely whether you are traveling many miles or simply a couple.

wedding CakesBe sure the cake is built on a durable base made of three or more thicknesses of creased cardboard. Base levels of substantial cakes ought to be set on a fiberboard or plywood base, 1/2 in. thick.

Cakes on columns must be transported unassembled. Toppers, candles and adornments ought to be expelled from cakes when they are being moved.

For stacked wedding cakes from Las Vegas, NV, move the whole amassed cake. Alternately, for a bigger amount of levels, transport unassembled and assemble at the reception. Make certain to have with you the supplies and icings you will need to complete any enhancing required after putting them together at the reception.

For a combination wedding cake, take tiers separated, keeping stacked tiers as units. Boxing the cake makes transportation less difficult. Not just does it shield the levels from harm, yet it keeps the levels clean–free from soil, dust and bugs. Photograph the entire cake so that you have idea when you assemble them in the reception.

Place the cakes in clean, secured, durable boxes that are measured to the baseboard of each cake. This will keep the cake from moving inside the crate and perhaps squashing the sides of the cake. At the venue, ask for a carton wheels to move the cake into the reception area.

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