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The Best Place to Drop Wedding Dresses in Portland, OR for Donation

Donating Wedding Dresses

A wedding dress is typically worn once only, unless you want to wear same dress on your second marriage. After the wedding day, brides commonly keep their dress or gown in the closet. Some have their dresses preserved to last for years and pass it to their daughters or granddaughters for future use. While other brides consider their dresses as a family heirloom, others prefer to have it used once again for those who are in need.

Wedding DressMany wedding dresses in Portland, OR can be bought off-the-rack or can be custom-made. But have you ever tried visiting a bridal shop of donated wedding gowns? Located in the 76th Ave in Portland, you will find Adorned in Grace Bridal and Formalwear Shop.

The shop sells not only new and gently used wedding dresses, but as well as other formals, veils and other accessories for weddings. All the items in the shop are donated by generous brides and the proceeds from every sale goes to supporting the prevention of sex trafficking and the victims.

When you donate wedding dresses, formals, petticoats, veils and even accessories, you are also supporting the shop’s cause – to raise awareness of the community about human trafficking and supporting the victims of such cruelty. Furthermore, another bride who buys a donated gown from the shop also makes a sustainable and smart purchase.

The shop accepts all kinds of things that are useful for the wedding. From wedding gowns, bras, veils, jewelry, bridesmaid’s formals to wedding supplies and décor, they accept it. However, they do not accept casual wear for women and men. Before bringing it to them you may take a photographs and show it to them for initial screening.

It is appreciated if the wedding dresses are thoroughly cleaned before donated. This will save time for the volunteers in the shop the expense of cleaning, instead of displaying it directly in their showroom. It is highly recommended for gowns that have been made for the last five years and older or vintage gowns. If you are from a bridal store with overstock or last season wedding dresses in Portland, OR, your collection will be in good hands.

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