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A Stockton, CA Wedding Makeup Artist Tips for Brides-to-Be

Wedding Makeup Tips

Every woman want to look like a princess, a queen or at least a refreshing image of herself on her wedding day. She wants to attract everyone’s attention, since of course it is her day. Some would wish to have a change of look on their wedding, but actually ended up looking different that their natural beauty. It usually happens due to the makeup style preferred by the bride.

Wedding Make up ArtistWedding makeup artists in Stockton, CA advise brides-to-be to go for a makeup style that will make them look and feel good with the right amount of makeup. The natural beauty must still be visible, but not completely changing her look that she can be hardly distinguished with makeup. It does not matter whether you are using the cheapest or the most expensive bridal makeup, as long as you’re comfortable with the makeup products you are using.

Make it stay longer – to ensure the makeup stays longer and prevents it from becoming cakey, it is suggested to use a foundation primer. The product to buy must depend on your personal preference, or whatever suits your skin tone. A primer is also great in absorbing facial oil. If you are not a fan of primer, you can instead prepare your face with a good moisturizer.

Even skin tone – if the primer and foundation still need help to even out the skin tone, use a concealer. Apply a concealer over the foundation to prevent making your makeup look overly made up. Concealers are great to hide dark spots, pimples and the dark circles under your eyes. Try to apply a little amount at a time, because it can be difficult to remove when you have applied too much.

Radiant glow – blush is necessary to give your skin a healthy and radiant glow. You would be probably blushing naturally on your wedding because of the romance in the air, but it is still good to apply some blush to prevent you from looking pale especially in photos. It is highly recommended to use powder blush instead of a cream blush. Experiment on different shades and pick the one that best suits your skin tone and the rest of your makeup.

To highlight the eyes – mascara is a must to complete a bridal makeup. Whether you are going to use it on your false eyelashes or not, it is necessary to give your eyes a beautiful frame and making it a lovely focal point. Since not all mascaras are the same, you must do an experiment on different types and pick one that can best enhance your eyes. An experts’ tips is to use a waterproof mascara especially that you will be tearing quite a lot on your wedding day. This will acquire you perfect headshot photography.

Lip color – since brides will do a lot of kissing during the wedding, wedding makeup artists in Stockton, CA highly suggest to use a long-lasting lipstick. There is no right or wrong lipstick color to use, as long as it is going to accentuate with the rest of the makeup colors you choose. To prevent your lips from drying out, use a lip balm or bring it with you for retouching purposes.

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