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How to Prepare a Catering Proposal for Your Wedding Caterer in El Paso, TX

Preparing Estimates for Your Caterer

You may know how to interview numerous wedding catering companies in El Paso, TX but the hard part has yet to come. You still need to prepare a catering proposal. If you’re working under a budget then planning out a proposal will give your wedding caterers an idea on what exactly you need and how far you can go financially. If it won’t work for them many caterers actually find ways to give you a different proposal but not go over the budget you have for them. Here are a couple things you must include in your proposal.

Wedding CateringBalanced menu – a standard menu ought to incorporate a parity of two proteins (meat, poultry or fish), one vegetable and one starch (pasta, rice or potatoes).

Courses – for plated meals with different courses, each one course ought to compliment the next meal and there ought to be some variety. For instance, in case you’re having a beef main course, then maybe you would like seafood as your appetizer.

Buffets – the quantity of buffet stations relates to the quantity of visitors.  A good rule of thumb is one buffet to 75 guests; if you’re having for example 750 guests then you may want to increase it to 100 per guest.

Aside from these, you also need to think about the following things in your proposal.

  •         Kind of event
  •         Date
  •         How many guests you’re having
  •         Time
  •         Location of event
  •         Favorite meal or menu ideas

Following these guidelines will help you find a good wedding catering service in El Paso, TX and this will also help you stay in the budget with your caterer being able to help you out on what you exactly need. Other vendors that is important for your wedding are wedding photographer, DJ and Planner.

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