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How to Calculate Food of Your Wedding Catering in Houston, TX for a Party?

Things to Consider When Having a Wedding Party

Knowing how to calculate the right amount of budget that you will be saving for your upcoming wedding party is a very important matter that you should keep in mind. There are some certain things that you need to understand when you are throwing a huge party like this. So to calculate the right amount of food for your wedding catering in Houston ,TX, here are some things that you should consider:

Wedding CateringHow Many Guests Will Be Attending

The number of guests you’ll be entertaining is the magic number in planning your party food. Make sure you ask guests to RSVP, but if you don’t hear from someone, it’s safest to assume he or she will be in attendance. You need to know exactly how many people you are going to have in your party.

Time of Day for the Party

The time of day is important, because that can help dictate what types of food you’ll be serving. If the party runs over a meal time, for example, you’ll be expected to serve something substantial. A night-time party or mid-afternoon gathering can get by with just appetizers and snacks. The time is also important to achieve perfect photographs.

Age Range of the Guests

You wouldn’t think that the age range of the guests would be important for this aspect of party planning, but consider this: How much food would you prepare for a group of ten teenagers? Now, how much food would you prepare for ten senior citizens? Generally speaking, there can be a vast difference in appetites between ages. Search for affordable catering Houston.

Type of Food Being Served

If you’re planning on serving a meal of your wedding catering in Houston, TX, or have lots of food to choose from at a buffet table, you can easily cut back on the snack foods and appetizers for your party. Conversely, if you’re relying on finger foods only to fill up your guests, you’ll need to plan to have more of them on hand.

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