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Hosting a Potluck Reception Instead of Hiring a Wedding Catering in Indianapolis, IN

Considerations for Potluck Reception

Many years ago, weddings are not catered by wedding caterings in Indianapolis, IN but instead, catered with a potluck reception. Potluck reception is a gathering wherein the guests or attendees bring their own dish. It can be individually or by group. Today, the potluck is gaining popularity again since more and more couples wants to save for their wedding budget. Potluck wedding receptions are an easy answer to catering your own wedding and they are loads of fun. If you’re planning for a potluck too, read the following considerations below.

Wedding CateringTable decorations.

Since you don’t know what kind of foods your guests will be bringing, just prepare a long table with sturdy legs. You can also put risers for some significant dishes. Cover the risers and the table itself with table cloth with elegant designs and colors. This will create an elegant buffet style table that is perfect to add flair to wedding photos.

Keeping track.

When you’re hosting a potluck reception instead of hiring a wedding catering in Indianapolis, IN you have to be very mindful of who brings the wedding food and what food is being served in the table. A running list of the item and who is bringing it is all you’ll need. Make sure to ask your guests ahead of time of what they’ll be bringing so that you can assess whether there are enough appetizers, entrees and main courses.

Arrival of the food.

Make sure to have someone in charge of the food when guests arrive. Don’t let the bride run for it and entertain the guests. Keep in mind that the food comes just before the wedding, so make sure to have a plan ahead before the arrival of the guests as to not cram.

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