Unique Photography Styles for Your Wedding

When you are dealing with a photography service, it is important to always bear in mind that not all providers are the same when it comes to price, style and many more. If you are very particular with the photographer’s style, it is important to do a cross-examination ahead of time.

Wedding photographer

The following are the 5 unique style to take amazing wedding pictures:

[1] Thrashing the dress style

This idea may sound weird and scary, but yes this is a photography style that modern photographers are incorporating. This themed wedding photography is defined as fearless rock the frock, and is perfect to be shot in the beaches of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. According to experts, this style also incorporates fine art photography. After a tiring wedding planning, this tension breaking photography session will surely be a great source of happiness and fun.

[2] Traditional style

Finding traditional style photography in a modern wedding is a rarity these days. Most of the traditional wedding shoots are incorporating camera with films. If you are embracing the film photography’s imperfections, traditional style is the perfect option for you. The beauty of film bridal photography is the vintage and classy essence. Most of the poses are formal and directed, so no film shots will be wasted.

[3] Fashion in a bridal photography

If you want to display high end fashion items on your wedding photography, this style will suit perfectly to your needs. This is a popular trend especially among metropolitan city weddings. Bridal fashion photography is always carrying unique style that differentiates it from others. Such styles are usage of dramatic background, edgy fashion poses, off camera lighting and many more. Incorporating this style on your wedding feels like you are shooting for a magazine cover.

[4] Fine art style

This style is incorporating creative lighting, artistic angles, one of a kind composition and high end post processing techniques. As compared to other bridal photography styles, this is headed towards a direction that contains artistic flare. Before the staff could start shooting photos, the best scenes are being researched and studied first. Right after the photo session, raw photos will undergo post production processing. In this phase, photos are being texturized, filtered, masked and enhanced.

[5] Photojournalism style

This style is like telling a story in a candid way. It does not rely on posed shots, but more on the moments that are unrehearsed and more genuine. Photographers need to have a creative eye for details when shooting this kind of style. If you have the love for candid photos, this style is a go to option.

If you are not yet decided as to how your photos should look like, the above mentioned 5 unique style to take amazing wedding pictures will help you a lot. All you need to do is phone the photographer ahead and discuss photo needs. Start the process by reviewing all the recommended providers in town. Always check BBB or Better Business Bureau for second opinion if you are not sure about your photographer’s background and reputation.